There are two types of the cause of pollution, natural and man-made. Natural pollution occurs naturally and won't cause excessive harm to our lives due to its regeneration ability. While the man-made pollution is caused by human activities, and hard to get rid of. The backbones of man-made pollution are human population and technology. Naturally human needs contact to the environment, we get resources from nature. This is for the sake of living. By the increase of human population, the contact is getting more intensive, because needs are increasing. And by the findings and development of new technologies, human can apply them to get the resources.

Different types of polution

* Air Pollution
* Water Pollution
* Land Pollution
* Noise Pollution
* Radioactive Pollution
* Thermal Pollution

How to stop environmental pollution

Environment is everything that surrounds us, including not just living but also non living materials. And when certain pollutants enter our environment we are then talking about the environmental pollution.When talking about the environmental pollution we need to know that this isn't something that has been only happening in the last century or so, the history of pollution is almost as old as humans are, although today with rapidly growing human population our environment, and our planet in general, is more polluted than ever before.

How to stop environmental pollution? Almost each country in the world has some laws that prohibit environmental pollution and in the same predict punishments for offenders. But the main problems lie in monitoring the environment as well as finding the culprit responsible for pollution. These mechanisms will have to significantly improve if world wants to stop environmental pollution.

The pollution problem is still not getting the adequate media attention because the media is only presenting the worst examples of environmental pollution such as recent oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, while on the other hand, many other significant examples of pollution remain unnoticed which leads some people to think that pollution is happening only once in a while. If only this was the case.

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